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Seagrass has uses that can replace the role of wood as a raw material for paper. The high content of cellulose or fiber and the fast growth rate compared to wood make seagrass more suitable as an alternative raw material such as making handicraft products. There are many kinds of crafts made from seagrass or seagrass such as home decorations and others.

Silver Craft Jogja

Silver Craft Jogja creates hundreds of unique and very distinctive types of crafts, ranging from rings, brooches, miniature bicycles, miniature carriages, and various jewelery to other accessories.


Bamboo is one of the many tropical plants found in Indonesia. Bamboo can also be processed by weaving into various containers, decorations, and various other needs. Woven products from bamboo not only have a practical function, but also an aesthetic function. The woven crafts produced are not just goods, but also capable of being an eye-catcher that has artistic and beautiful value.

Banana Fronds

Banana fronds are stems on banana trees that have several layers, where these parts can be used to make works such as home decorations and others.


Wood crafts means the manufacture of wood material goods produced through the skills of human hands. Wood crafts can make something beautiful and unique to display.


Pottery is a tool made of clay which is formed and then burned and used as tools that are useful for human life and to decorate the house.


Wicker rattan is woven made of rattan that has been processed or processed. Rattan is a creeping plant whose stems are used for various items or furniture such as chairs, tables and others.


Batik is the work of the Indonesian nation which is a blend of art and technology by the ancestors of the Indonesian nation. Indonesian batik can develop to a level that is unparalleled both in design/motif and process. The various patterns of batik which are full of meaning and philosophy will continue to be explored from various customs and cultures that have developed in Indonesia. The process of making Batik itself can be done by traditional writing or printing. Batik can be made into clothes, shoes and others.


Dowa is a form of love for the work of Indonesian children which is embodied in world-class fashion works. Move and empower with thousands of talented women craftsmen and Dowa lovers who work with love. products with knitted yarn and create beautiful fashion products. Dowa products are Backpack, Canvas, Crossbody, Hobo, Satchel, Tote, Weekender, Wallet, Clutch, Grocery Bag, Cosmetics Case, Pencil Case, Gadget Case, Coin Purse, Traveling Pouch, Pareo, Scarves, Hanging Charm.

Chocolate Monggo

Monggo products are the result of Belgian chocolate traditions combined with Javanese cultural heritage, as well as exceptional local ingredients sourced locally. Monggo is a pioneer of Indonesian premium chocolate. Every Monggo creation is a blend of different cultural aspects, each specifically created to complement the other and create something truly extraordinary.


Produced from 100% selected fresh sugarcane of the highest quality and through a hygienic, strict screening process, and packed in production containers that guarantee the purity and cleanliness of every grain of sugar. The texture of the sugar crystals is consistent and produces a naturally sweet taste without bleach or preservatives. Ideal for baking, cooking and other everyday uses.